Texas license plate lookup

Texas Confederate Flag PlateTrailers: requiring their own registration follow the one-letter, five-number format (A00-000). Trailers that requiring their own registration if: over 3 metres (10 ft) in length, business-owned, 200 kilograms (441 lb) or heavier, can carry 750 kilograms (1,653 lb) or more, wider than the towing vehicle or used for hauling boats. Larger, heavier semi-trailers use the nnnnn-S format exclusively. Trailers otherwise use the towing vehicle’s plate for identification. The first format for trailers was G01-000 to M99-999, with black text on a white background. In 1977, the series was restarted at A01-000, going up to 1995, when in the middle of the E56-000 series, it was changed to the On the Move slogan, which continued until F88–999 in 2000 and then started The Place to Be with the series staring at F89-000. In 2000, it was decided to restart the trailer series at N00-000, to continue from the old series and currently in the X00-000 series. The Vic – Stay Alert Stay Alive slogan commenced in November 2013 for trailers.
Bike rack plates: fitted onto the rear of vehicles (naturally having bicycles obstructing the registration plate) can have smaller numerical plates (black-on-white design) with Victoria – Bike Rack as the insert, fixed on the end of the rack and clearly visible. The bike rack plates has been updated as of December 2013 with screen printed bottom legend Vic – Stay Alert Stay Alive and Bike Rack legend at top and the ink was changed from black to blue.
Taxis: had plates with a design similar to the Garden State plates, with the numbers and legend being green and a diamond as separator (except with the legend saying Victoria – Taxicab). They were redesigned in November 2008 with a green background, the legend Accredited Taxi Service at the top the Vic embossed vertically on the right and the number/alpha sequence in white stamped slimline dies, with the Southern Cross in yellow as the separator. In Victoria, taxis have the following plates.
Motor hire cars: were originally issued with the plates VHA-000 to VHA-999, with VHA standing for “Vehicle Hire Australia”. Hire cars continued with VHB after the first 1,000 were issued, and then moved onto the VHC series. The company is no longer VHA, but VHA Corporate Cabs. This company runs a luxury car hire service. A large number of black Holden Caprice and similar limousines are seen with VH combinations, particularly in and around Melbourne’s CBD.
Consular Corps: CC-000 to CC-999. These plates used to appear identical to regular standard issue plates, except Victoria – Garden State or Victoria – On the Move was replaced with Vic – Consular Corps. In 2000, they were redesigned—the plate has the same dimensions as regular plates, but has the rego number in the font used for slimline plates. The legend “Consular Corps” appears at the top, while the legend “Victoria” appears at the bottom. More information can be obtained from this Texas license plate lookup tool.